Ford Raptor2018


Ford Raptor

Ford Raptor 2018; Raptor is a high-performance version of the Ford F-150 pickup, fully equipped to fit off-road, both in shape and equipment. In the 2018 model, the vehicle was equipped with a V6 engine with a twin turbocharger and a special suspension system with a chassis Reinforced with steel, Raptor is available in two versions; one-and-a-half version (Super Cap) or two-door version

Exterior design

In terms of exterior, the Raptor is wider than the standard Ford F-150 pickup by more than 16 cm. The front end has a large front grille bearing the name Ford in large letters, the bottom of which looks like a durable protective plate, and the Raptor with 17-inch wheels with custom wheels BFGoodrich off-road, with rear exhaust holes used for the first time

The Ford Raptor 2018 is available from a wide range of colors, including blue, black, red and white, while the Ford Raptor pickup has the same length as the 1.67 m rear box

From inside

Despite its solid appearance from the outside, the Ford Raptor 2018 has an elegant cabin with many luxury features such as heated front seats, leather seats for the steering wheel and seats, a wide range of colors that give a touch of luxury, For the legs, especially in the two-door Super Bowl version

The Ford Raptor 2018 has a long list of standard and optional features

Wheel drive system

Hill down Control System

Rear trailer control system

Front seat seats can moved with eight power positions

Cruise Control

Sensors and rear camera

Electric glass

Feature of air pressure control in wheels

Traction capacity of 5443 kg trailers

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