Important tips for maintaining a chassis


The car chassis contains many essential parts, such as air suspension parts, gearbox, upper and lower car shears, balance frames on four sides, hinges, brakes and brake devices, all of which are defined by drivers under the name of the car’s muscles

These are the basic parts that depend on the car in the process of walking and stopping, and the load and weight of the car is large on them, so called muscles of the car, and attention to these parts and maintenance periodically, so let’s take a look at a number of tips that maintain the muscles of the car

With every regular maintenance of the car, the parts must securely fastened, and the screws for small pieces should be fastened

Care to clean the chassis and wash continuously, so as not to accumulate dirt and dirt, and lubricate for the ease of work hinges and suspension and internal parts

Reduce the speed of the car in the curves, so that the maintenance of hinges and cables, because the weight and weight of the car falls on them, and with speed and curves increases pressure on them

If there is a lack of balance in the car, especially in the driving in the curves, you should go to the maintenance center immediately to detect the scissors and repair damage, the danger to the car

It is preferable not to walk on rough roads or to reduce the speed completely when walking on them, because they are dismantling the basic parts of the muscles of the car because of the frequent vibration of the car

At the corner of the car must stop straight, and should be the level of parking tires on the same level, ie do not stop the car tilted

Maintenance of periodic maintenance and lubrication of the internal parts of the muscles of the car

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