Learn about the most important tips for safe driving and avoiding accidents during heavy dandruff


The roads and the axes of Cairo and the provinces witnessed dandruff in the morning is very dense, was a visionary on Sunday morning, and caused many accidents

The Ministry of Health announced the death of 4 citizens and injured 39 people in a collision of several cars on the Cairo-Alexandria desert road in Kilo 64 heading Cairo

To avoid accidents, follow these important tips

Safety distance

The person must maintain the distance between the vehicle and the other vehicle to avoid a collision between the two cars

Skip cars

 The person must try to cross the cars to avoid any collision

 Warm Central

The central lane must in compliance with the risk of colliding with a parked vehicle on the side of the road

Stop by

The driver must stop on the road under any circumstances unless it is possible to stop due to a car malfunction suddenly must adhere to the right and lighting the entire car lights


In the event of a lack of visibility, the car lights in front of the driver should used to avoid collisions

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