The battery life of the car


The battery is one of the most important parts of the car to operate the engine. It is responsible for the operation of all electric vehicles, as well as providing all the latest technology in the car for its work, and although the batteries are technically sophisticated, they do not last long

The German automaker, Arnulf Timel, of the Automotive Club (ADAC) in Landsberg, Germany, said the battery life was four to five years old, and that it had been longer, because the battery used only to manage the engine, unlike now

The expert added that there are several factors, including driver behaviors affect the life of the battery of the car default and accelerate the damage, and we review here these factors are as follows

Repeated attempt to operate the vehicle with a malfunction in the engine, resulting in battery exhaustion

Turn on car lighting and use the displays to watch movies while your car parked

The battery depends on the generator for continued charging. If the battery damaged or damaged, the battery loses its power

The car air conditioner turned on repeatedly, the car parked which weakens the battery, and helps quickly damage it

Neglecting the maintenance of the battery, and not cleaning the battery poles, causing the dirt and corrosion and increase the chemicals on them

If the battery not securely attached to the vehicle, the active material will dropped from the panels or the cell-solder will break into the battery

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