The best way to control the speed of the car while driving on the slopes


To reduce or stop the speed of the vehicle, the two drivers rely on the brakes to do so, but this situation is different during landing from the top of the mountain slopes, where the landing takes a lot of time, requiring the motorists to release the transmission to the neutral position, The brake pedal even goes down

Nevertheless, this is wrong and not good for the car. Repeated pressure on the brakes causes the brake system to rise completely, reflecting a negative impact on brake performance

The ideal solution is to rely on the engine of the vehicle, by putting the transmission at the appropriate speed that corresponds to the speed of the car as it descends from the slope, even if the transmission of the transmission at the highest speed, whether manual or automatic

As an example, if the speed of the gradient corresponds to the fourth speed in the car, we change to the third speed, and if we want to ease the speed we change the transmission mode to the second speed, in which case the car does not need to use a large force to stop

This way, the brakes will reduce the speed of the vehicle, due to the engine’s control over all tires, which makes the vehicle’s descent as it descends from the slopes is controlled by the engine

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