The most important steps through which cleaning can do at home


Many cars suffer from the damage and pollution of the Exhaust Tract of the black carbon in the inside and outside the exhaust pipe caused by the combustion of fuel inside the engine room and this affects the performance and withdrawal of the engine and affect the overall shape of the car

Many people visit specialist laundry centers to clean the car and return them to their new condition at home and with simple tools

Learn about the four most important steps to cleaning your car and you are in your home

Two minutes in the soap: The shampoo must be sprayed with water to remove the obstacles and carbon, then mixing the liquid cleaning the tire with water and spray the shampoo inside and outside and clean the brush and the legacy of two minutes

Hard wool: After 2 minutes, the water washed with water to prevent the passage of water into the exhaust and exhaust system. The soap is sprayed again and is poured from inside and outside with steel wool

The first polishing phase: After finishing the wool phase, the two bags sprayed with fresh water and left to dry. The polishing phase begins. A solid muzzle placed on the tire wash pad and completely wrapped on the inside and outside

The layer of cream: This stage is more important as it facilitates the process of cleaning later, put two layers or three layers of cream protection tires on the exhaust pipe from the outside and the inner edges, and thus completed the cleaning process for the shaman

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