The most important tips for beginners in driving the car


The car has occupied a very large part of our daily lives, but it still poses a great danger to people, especially beginners in driving the car recently. Some people call it a tool of death. Therefore, beginners in driving should be aware of and sufficiently driving the car and how to deal with this world. Because every house is not without a car and many times, everyone in the family has their own car. For the high rate of road accidents, which is the main cause of human errors, because modern cars are equipped with safety factors that avoid accidents, so we decided to offer you a set of tips that will benefit the leaders of cars, especially beginners in driving and those who do not have enough experience The fact that these tips serve as a course to teach the art of driving because beginners usually experience difficulties and if they are not good at dealing with them well it is possible that

Causing accidents and the new car leaders must realize that every day they drive the car they will learn new things and gain experience

So learn a set of driving tips especially for beginners in driving

Examination of vital factors in the car before starting

It is one of the most important factors that beginners should take in driving, as they protected against any damage during driving. It is a vital examination of the vital factors in the car before starting the car, namely engine oil, cooling water and air weakness in tires

Starting fast

It is one of the most important factors that taken into account for beginners in driving the car as it warns to start the car quickly, especially if the steering wheel of the car left or right, perhaps the car may rush and collide with anything in front of it. The commander must warn the car

Leadership in Curves

It is one of the most dangerous things that lead to serious accidents and consequences while driving. They bypass the curves at high speed, turn right, or left while driving so the person driving the car must avoid this wrong action

Sharp deviation of the driver during driving

The driver must warn against this wrong action because this act is fatal to the car’s balance, especially in the case of driving at high speeds, the driver must not exceed the deviation of the steering wheel of the car for 10 seconds

Change gearbox speed

When the transmission used automatically, the person must avoid the transmission from the back position to the traffic position, except in the case of the vehicle’s stillness

In the case of hand-held cars, avoid placing the vehicle from the first speed mode to the last speed mode, or the person should change from the first speed to the first speed mode

Engine Warming

The driver should not press the accelerator pedal during engine warm-up and not be pressed sporadically. Pressure must be gradual


Must be waiting during the waiting times or after the row of the car must be the transmission in the mode of separation

Use the Finder properly

The driver should use the car’s searchlight properly and always be careful not to use excessive lights while driving because these lights cause other motorists who are behind you or in temporary blindness for 7 seconds and this is very dangerous in your life and the lives of other people it is a major cause of many accidents

Situations in which a person should stay away from driving

You should stay away from driving while taking cold or cough medicine or drugs that cause drowsiness because they make a person react to a slow position. You should also avoid driving if the person is tired or sleepy

Driving in winter

The winter driving is different from the summer driving because winter characterized by fluctuating weather conditions. The most prominent of these are storm surges and heavy rains, which are dense at most times. The driving person should avoid driving in the event of rain and not press the brakes so that the car does not slip

Optimal use of Derange

For manual cars, the use of the dribage not repeated or continued to press during the course of the car because these erroneous behaviors cause the disc to wear. This leads to the need to change it every time


  Driving while traveling

You should avoid traveling at night to beginner driving, because the vision is not clear especially in the streets and dark roads, which increases the probability of accidents and puts your life at risk

 Not using mobile

Beginners should drive completely away from using the mobile phone while driving a car to make a call or write a message because the use of the mobile distracts attention and loses focus on the road and mobile is one of the main causes of road accidents, if you need to use the mobile stop the driving and corner of the car

Seat belt

Always be sure to start your car on the seatbelt because it has an effective role to protect you in the event of an accident, and the seat belt does not mean that you are a driver under the exercise, experts and professionals in the field of driving advice the need and importance of wearing the seat belt while driving

 The importance of looking at mirrors while driving

You should look at the mirrors as you drive the car every 10 seconds because the mirrors are your third eye. In addition, as you drive, you must follow the cars in front of you with a maximum of three cars and follow the brake lights to be ready to stop

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