Toyota Hilux luxury car


Hilux 2018 is the eighth generation that has appeared for a few years with a range of convenient updates and specifications. While the Hailux is a symbol of durability and durability, it also has unparalleled performance on off-road and in extreme environmental and climatic conditions, In our markets, especially in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, while Toyota Hilux sales have reached nearly 18 million cars since its launch 50 years ago

Outside look

The Toyota Hilux 2018 has been fitted with new metal-alloy lamps to give a stylish look to the front-end design

 On the side, the vehicle has a chrome metal strip running on the window line and connects to the upper part of the box. A new design line from the side divides the bottom half of the vehicle’s chassis and the rear is fitted with new rear lights and a rear door

The new HILEX is available with a wide range of wheels ranging in size from 15 to 17 inches, with sophisticated suspension systems, inspired by SUVs, to provide greater comfort for passengers. The rear trunk has a new design, Design the ribs of the floor to withstand the shocks and scratches that may occur during the loading and unloading of heavy loads

Of course, the Hilux is available in one cabin version and the double cabin version

Toyota Hilux 2018 from the inside

In the cabin, Toyota is interested in all the details we see in modern cars, including the new modern smart key, a new MID display, a versatile steering wheel that has the potential to change its position, and the length of the transmission arm is shortened to resemble a car Ordinary cars

The front seats are fitted with soft materials and the front seats have a new chassis that embraces the passenger’s body thanks to the side beams and thicker cushions. The rear seats provide more comfort by increasing support for the passenger body and legs, with more foot space

Toyota Hilux

In our Arab markets, the Toyota Hilux 2018 is available with three engines. The first engine runs on 2.4-liter turbo diesel with a 147 hp turbo, the second 2.7-liter gasoline engine delivers 164 hp, Generates 137 horsepower

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