?What is the difference between the adaptive speed stabilizer and the normal speed stabilizer


The ACC-Adaptive Cruise Control is one of the most important techniques that have imposed it on modern cars, because it is of great importance in helping drivers to maintain a safe and stable distance of the car with the car after it, and taking into account the interval specified in advance the two cars

The adaptive speed stabilizer adopts one or more sensors, a laser, and a video camera. Their work combines radar and ultrasound. The technology connected to the car’s computer to provide all data for analysis and performance

When starting the installer, the system reads and measures the distance between it and the vehicle in front of it, and maintains that distance. If the front car starts to decrease its speed, the system automatically deactivates to full stop to avoid any possible accident

Some drivers wonder about the difference between the adaptive speed stabilizer and the normal speed stabilizer

The idea of ​​working the standard speed technology to set the driver to the speed of the car at a certain speed, such as the speed of 100 km per hour and the normal installer to maintain this speed, and does not decrease with the speeds of cars in front of him, unless the driver reduced the speed himself

The adaptive cruise control technology, as mentioned, adjusts the speed and distance with the front car through a system such as the radar, and when the speed of the car is reduced in front of it is automatically reduced the speed of the car, and when increasing the speed of the front car is also increasing speed, and thus continue to maintain between The speed of the cars

It noted that each system has its negatives and positives. However, the goal is to make the driving process easier and more comfortable for the person driving the car. The adaptive speed booster works like a radar in terms of speed reduction and increase with the front car. Only by the driver

However, the negative of the adaptive speed stabilizer does not work efficiently in the rainy weather because this atmosphere, unlike the normal stabilizer, which works efficiently in different climates, so it recommended that the adaptive stabilizer not operate in the volatile atmosphere, affects the camera

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